Market Thyself

Are you one of those people who hates talking about yourself? You struggle to fill out a resume or write a short biography about yourself to put on your LinkedIn profile. It makes you feel awkward, and uncharacteristically vain… so when someone asks you to describe yourself you might shrug your shoulders like you’re not sure exactly who you are.

News flash: You very well may be a wonderful person with killer work ethic and talent to the moon and back. But if you can’t tell someone those things about yourself, you may never get the chance to show them. 

So, allow me to bring you out of the depths of unintentional self-destruction and deprecating self worth by confirming that you can be confident, and express the value in what you have to offer the world, without reeking of arrogance. It’s ok to be aware that you rock. When it comes to your professional image, it’s not only ok, but imperative.

Which leads me to the real point of this article: You must learn to “Market Thyself”. 

A fellow entrepreneur, digital marketing guru, and good friend of mine recently aired a Facebook Live discussion with a colleague who asked him what his #1 recommendation was for people trying to make money online. His response is what inspired me to write this article - consulting. He very accurately stated that “people undervalue their own, unique perspectives”. 

Isn’t that the truth? Isn’t that exactly what holds you back from marketing yourself? Take this statement, if nothing else from this post, home with you: 

You are the only expert in your own experiences. Your perspective is totally unique, exclusive to you, and extremely valuable.

With the advance of social media and digital head hunting, the competitive pool for almost any profession increases exponentially. You’re not just competing with the others in your local area who submitted an application for a job anymore. You are competing with and being compared to anyone and everyone who has an online presence in your field.

So in order to stay competitive, start being ok with talking about yourself. 

In addition to my own, I have helped a number of professionals develop their online images. If you’d like my assistance, contact me here or through one of my social media profiles! 

Happy Holidays!