Mary Hagen



An entrepreneur to the core, Mary has spent the majority of her career helping small businesses take control of their  technology, finances, and marketing.

"So many small - medium sized businesses are at the mercy of third parties controlling the systems they use to do daily tasks, their web-presence (crucial), their marketing efforts, and as a result, their sales and financial stability." 

Hagen Companies LLC, specializes in developing and implementing software solutions that take the third-party out of the equation, saving small businesses a fortune in contractor fees, and helping them regain control of their future. 


What do you need?

Solutions for everything - that's our motto. Professionals from all over the world in various industries come to Hagen Companies for solutions to their problems, whatever they may be. So how can we be of assistance to you? Perhaps your technology is behind the times, or your staff is not producing to your expectations. Maybe your marketing dollars are not seeing a return or you have a PR crisis that you don't know how to handle. You might have a startup that needs funding. Or maybe you are simply at a standstill with whatever it is you are trying to achieve, and what you really need is to sit down with a group of elite professionals in a brainstorming session to get you moving forward again. Hagen Companies is all about finding you the answer, the team, the money... the solution.



Technology is often the Achilles' heel of any business. Big, established corporations have been running on the same softwares for decades and the idea of making a drastic change is terrifying. Young, startup companies shy away from the cost of stellar technology. Whatever your circumstance, HC&A can find you a technology solution that will suit your needs. 



Ah, marketing. Such an expensive, risky, necessity. Good marketing has a high price tag - but unfortunately, so does bad marketing. How do you know who to go to? How do you know where to draw the line on ad-spend? How do you know what practices are current and effective? HC&A has answers for your questions, and someone who can implement the right marketing strategy for you.


Strategy sessions

You spend your days doing business - making decisions, answering questions, shaking hands, and ideally making progress. But we all get stuck once in a while. Let's get you unstuck with an HC&A Strategy Session! Explain your goal(s), and current speed bumps. We'll assemble a team of experts in the most appropriate fields to contribute to your solution and set up a group meeting! 

Some of my clients.